P1030505 P1030512 Waters in the Kilchis Point streams have been rising with the rains this week, but gravel has been placed on most of the trails now, making a hike to Tillamook Bay possible even in damp weather. Wear your boots for the few muddy spots on the Flora and Fauna and Native American Trails, though.


There are a few new interpretive signs on the trails, too, thanks to Louisa Johnston and Gary Albright.

P1030513 P1030509


Working Hard!

December 11, 2014

There has been a lot of trail improvement accomplished in the last few weeks at Kilchis Point Reserve, thanks largely to the hard working men from South Fork Camp. In the three weeks they were on site they made tremendous strides in placing gravel on the paths so that there is only a little left before the loops are finished. They also laid gravel at both ends of Bridge #6, making it easier to access the bridge. When you think that there is no motorized equipment used on the site, and that all the gravel has to be moved by the wheelbarrow load, it is amazing what has been done!

We thank these men for the dedication to our project and hope they will return in the New Year to help us finish the trails at Kilchis Point Reserve.

.SFFC Crew