Volunteers Wanted!

October 31, 2014

A whole lot of wackin'

We have scheduled a volunteer work party at Kilchis Point Reserve on Saturday, November 1st. We will be weeding the Trailhead Garden, building new benches, removing invasive plants and collecting trash.

If you would like to join us, please call the Pioneer Museum at 503-842-4553. The work times are from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and we will be meeting at the storage building at 9. Tools and equipment will be provided, but please wear old clothes and boots. Its still pretty muddy in the areas where we will be working.IMG_4027

Gettin' those scotch broom outta there

IMG_6399The dried alder leaves are falling with a “clunk” to the ground, some of the vine maples have started changing color, the streams are again filling with water, and the “wooly bear” caterpillars are everywhere. IMG_6412

The rain we had earlier this week brought out more newts so caution is to be used on the paths to avoid the newts and the wooly bears. Progress has been made on the logging road trail to the Bay, with North Coast Lawn workers spreading tons and tons of gravel. As soon as that road is improved, we can start work on the bird watching station that will sit along Tillamook Bay. And not a minute too soon as the migrating birds are at the Bay in masses already.

Although the Sixth – and final- Bridge has been finished, we are awaiting the return of the South Fork crew to work on graveling the approaches. It is a steep step up and down from the bridge, so please use caution here, too. But the scene of Doty Creek from the center of the bridge east to the old railroad bridge is worth getting onto the bridge to see – and photograph! IMG_6396 -Doty Creek @ 6th bridgeThis is a tidal creek, so the direction of the flow changes with extreme high and low tides, making it interesting to watch.

Watch here for more progress as the trails are groomed, bumpers and landscape fabric are installed and gravel and mulch are laid down.