New signage is installed

August 28, 2014

Tillamook County Pioneer Museum Director Gary Albright installs the latest in a series of interpretive signs along the Flora and Fauna Trail at Kilchis Point last weekend.


Gary installs a new sign on Invasive Animals at KPR


An August day at KPR

August 28, 2014

This has been a lovely August at Kilchis Point Reserve. The Douglas spirea (Spirea douglasii) are still blooming mid-month! This type of shrub is a native Oregon plant and is also known as “hardhack.” Coastal Native Americans used hardhack to make broom-like implements.

Douglas spirea - aka "hardhack" continues to bloom against a late August sky.

Douglas spirea – aka “hardhack” continues to bloom against a late August sky.

Summer Progress

August 28, 2014

The Oregon Youth Conservation Corps students – and this summer they were all high school aged girls – have made great progress cutting and grooming trails.Trail work in progress

Rupert the Gnome calls Kilchis Point Home!
A certain gnome named Rupert has been sighted at the Kilchis Point Reserve this summer. Rupert has been know to hide in a variety of locations at KPR. Have you seen him lately? Take a photo and show us where.Rupert the Gnome

The Second Convening Circle was installed at the junction of the “Flora and Fauna Trail” and “Native American Way” this summer. Two dedicated benches have also been installed at the circle for those needing a little break from their walk in the woods.

Second Convening Circle

Second Convening Circle