The Willow Project

May 24, 2012

The Tillamook County Pioneer Museum and the Tillamook Estuary Partnership is working to support South Prairie Elementary school second graders on the Willow Project.  The Willow Project was developed by the second grade class after their visit to Kilchis Point because they want to make a difference for the wildlife in the area.  The Willow Project is a habitat restoration effort to create ideal water conditions for fish and habitiat for other wildlife at the Kilchis Point property along Joe Champion and Doty Creeks.  The Willow Project will continue for years to come and the impact on local species will be profound.  May 24, 2012 marks the first day of the project with students planting willow trees along the banks of Joe Champion Creek.  It promises to be an exciting day and photographs will be posted soon.  Stay Tuned! 


One Response to “The Willow Project”

  1. kennedy Says:

    i was the one that came up with the title

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