Temporary Trail

December 22, 2011

Hello Everyone!  We just wanted to let everyone know that the temporary trail out at Kilchis Point is still open, but during the last storm some trees have fallen across the path.  As of now, we don’t have plans to clear them because we should be starting on permanent trails soon.  The permanent trails will not be in the same location as the current temporary trail, so we would like to leave it as natural as possible.

Please go out and enjoy Kilchis Point but be prepared to jump, crawl and duck under some down trees.  🙂


2 Responses to “Temporary Trail”

  1. Ruth Curry Says:

    We went out to Kilchis Point for the 1st time today to walk the trail. My husband is disabled and most of the time needs his mobility chair. He cannot walk too far before needing to sit. How nice to find a bench out there! But we traveled the trail as far as possible for him this time. We will try again soon and hopefully make it a ways farther.
    It is absolutely AMAZING! And we no wheres saw nearly all the trail. We can’t wait until the trails get graveled so hubby can ride his scooter all the way to the end!
    A wonderful job is being done on this project. I am glad to see something so worthwhile being constructed.

    • Hi Ruth! We are so glad you enjoyed the trail and we hope you and your husband continue to visit Kilchis Point. At the end of June we will have a work crew manicuring the trails even more to provide greater access and we should have more benches built soon also. Thanks for your encouraging comment!

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